About Me

Hi, I'm Ashley and this is how and why I started Defiant Jewelry.

I absolutely love going out to find inspiration for new designs. When I'm not busy tending to the business, I'm spending every minute I can with my beautiful daughters, Lorelei and Aria. Loving life as a mom and business owner!

I started my own jewelry business for two reasons, one being my love of unique accessories and the second, and most important, to be home with my now 3 year old daughter, Lorelei, and 1 year old daughter, Aria. They inspire me everyday and I want to show them that if you have a true passion for something then you can accomplish anything! I love my 2 jobs; being a stay at home mom and running my own business, this is my dreams coming true!

Coming up with the business I wanted to start wasn't the easiest because I also have a love and passion for animals. I always wanted to go back to working with animals after leaving my job at an animal hospital years and years ago but I also wanted a business that gave me the freedom of being with my daughters as much as possible while also letting me use my creativity that brings me happiness. From there I came up with Defiant Jewelry, a handmade jewelry company that uses high quality materials to create unique and meaningful pieces. From there I decided that I would save as much money as possible and quit my 9-5 job within 6 months!

6 months passed and I left a very comfortable career and I couldn't be happier! Defiant Jewelry has been established since February of 2014 but didn't go "live" until May 2014. Here I am, been in business for a few years and still absolutely loving it!! The feedback and stories of what my jewelry has meant to clients has been so inspiring and continues to drive my passion even more. I have a huge workspace in my home specifically dedicated to my creative passion. 

My inspiration for my jewelry comes from my personal life and the lives of people around me as well as my own personal love for fashion. I learn a lot about what symbols and things mean to people. The puzzle piece jewelry I have is very meaningful to me because I truly feel that the puzzle piece represents a piece of your heart, your life and of your spirit...these are things you are constantly adding to your life to complete the finished puzzle. Another example of inspiration for a piece in my collection is the rose pendant - the rose is very symbolic to my husband, it is a memory for him of his grandmother, Rosa, that passed when he was young. There are meanings in everything for someone and I want to find that meaning and make a piece of jewelry that represents them and fills them with happiness. Custom jewelry is my absolute favorite to make because the reaction to seeing a piece that is so meaningful to them is priceless!

I am always around for any questions you may have - please don't hesitate to reach out.