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Defiant Jewelry

Monthly Mystery Plug Box

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Our exclusive monthly mystery plug boxes are here!

Order by April 16th to get April’s box!

April’s box will ship out approx. by April 24th 

Our mystery boxes will include 1 dangle plug set and 1 regular plug set. These designs are handmade and will be exclusive to that month’s mystery box!! I’ll also be including special gifts too! 

You choose which size plugs you need and the rest is left up to my creative passion ;) The plugs will be our surgical steel screw fit which can come in silver, rose gold, gold or black depending on my design. 

We’ll accept orders for the current month up to the 16th of that month. If you order after the 16th, you’ll be signed up to receive the following months box. Tracking will be provided once your box ships. 

Tiers are offered depending on how frequently you’d like to receive our exclusive mystery box, discounts are given based on frequency. You may skip a month but if more then 2 months are skipped consecutively, your subscription frequency & cost will be changed to align with your new needs. 

If choosing 16g, 10g, or 8g; tunnel designs will be made as full plugs as I’m not able to make all tunnels in these sizes. 

***Rewards points can not be used towards mystery box but you will earn points***

***Mystery boxes are not returnable*** 

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns


Thank you!!!