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Defiant Jewelry

Limited Design! Deep Brown Sparkle Fall Leaf Plugs

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LIMITED EDITION! I will be only be making 20 pairs of these so grab them while you can!

A pair of stunning leaf plugs that are perfect for the fall season. These have a dark brown sparkle background with 1 red, 1 orange and 1 gold metallic leaf on each plug.

These are shown in 1/2 inch -the spacing of the leaves will vary depending on the size - the larger sizes will have more leafs in them to fill the space.

You’re welcome to request sizes 4g and 2g but they will have less than 3 leafs so you can let me know which 2 color leafs you'd like included.

Available in 0g (8mm), 00g (10mm), 7/16 inch (11mm), 1/2 inch (12mm), 9/16 inch (14mm), 5/8 inch (16mm), 11/16 inch (18mm), 3/4 inch (19mm), 7/8 inch (22mm) and 1 inch (25mm)

Larger sizes available up to 1 1/4 inches - just message me for the request.

Customize with your favorite base color! - Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, or Black.

Silver is a high grade 316L surgical steel - all other colors are an anodized titanium on high grade 316L surgical steel.


They are a screw on plug making them easy to put on and not have to worry about them falling out.