Shop our Semi Annual Overstock Sale now through Sunday 11/6. All items shown are handmade by us but are pre-made unlike the other items on our site that are made to order & customizable. All of these products are brand new. 

Choose the numbers that correspond to the items you want and add them to your cart. If the number is not shown, then it has been sold. You’re purchasing the exact item you see and it is first come, first served - so hurry!! 

Reward points can not be used or earned towards overstock items 

Spend $30 or more and get FREE U.S. Shipping 


Up to 60% off our jewelry! 

Regular Plugs - $10 - Screw on

Regular Wood, Stone, Hexagon Plugs - $12 - Double Flare

Regular Crystal or Dangle Plugs - $18 - Screw On

Wood or Crystal Dangle Plugs - $20 - (wood is single flare, Crystal are screw on)

Earrings: $8 - Nickel Free

Necklaces & Bracelet $10 - Comes with matching, nickel free, chain. 

Plug Displays - $30


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